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Scopri la Toscana

Hotel Marchionni is the ideal departing point to visit Versilia as well as the whole Tuscany. Culture, daily life, leisure and nature. One should not forget the proximity of beautiful art cities such as Lucca, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, all reachable in short time.


Hotel Marchionni is located in Viareggio on the sea, it’s a comfortable hotel for your vacations. Among the destinations easy to be reached you will find Camaiore which preserves within its city walls many artistic jewels such as the famous Collegiata and the famous Benedictin Abbey. It’a a municipality carachterized by the fascinating peaks of Apuan Alps, an area rich of charme and tradition. Its territory can be devided in four areas: the hills of Seimiglia, the town with its valley, the plain of Capezzano and the Coast of Lido di Camaiore. The highest peaks of the mountains are covered with grooves of mediterranean trees and bushes. The flatland which devidesthe coast from the hills is almost totally dwelled although many fields are still cultivated to obtain high quality products. Some small parts still keep their characteristic mediterranean costal swamps. The climate tipical of Camaiore is Versilian, influenced by the presence of the sea: mild in winter and never too hot in Summer. Only if few other places in the world you will be able to find such a combination of landscapes and scenaries: sea, hills, lake, seaside and alps. The municipality ecnompasses: Lido di Camaiore, well known sea resort with its sandy beaches, Capezzano Pianore famous for its strawberries and also its advanced flowers cultivations. We should also mention the settlements on the hills, ric of history, trditions and wonderful landscapes.