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Scopri la Toscana

Hotel Marchionni is the ideal departing point to visit Versilia as well as the whole Tuscany. Culture, daily life, leisure and nature. One should not forget the proximity of beautiful art cities such as Lucca, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, all reachable in short time.


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Thanks to its position, Hotel Marchionni in Viareggio nearby the sea, is the ideal structure to spend one’s holidays. Among the locations easy to reach there is Pietrasanta, small town that stretches itself from Apuan Alps to the sea. Built in the XIII century for want of Lucca in the XVI century it became a dominion of Florence as still remembered today by the Marzocco. The passage of Francigena road contributed to the development of the small town and there are several Religious buildings, first among them the Cathedral of St. Martin, rich in marbles and frescos, in romanic style facing the main square, along with the baptistery of San Giacinto, the structure of Sant’Agostino and Palazzo Moroni which hosts the archelogical museum of Versilia. Pietrasanta is dominated by the Rock of Sala which spires on the historical centre, we also fnd the Arrighina Rock partially complete. In recent times it became famous for the works of Botero which are shown along the roads. On the hills the presence of the Romea way fostered the birth of the Pievi of Valdicastello and Vallecchia, two jewels of Christianity. Still in Valdicastello was born Giosuè Carducci, his bith house is today a museum; we also have other intersting hamlets such as Capezzano Monte and Capriglia. Marina di Pietrasanta is at the center of Versilian with its sandy beaches and a wide viriety of night life amusement options.